"The woman's eye is on the ball. Her objective is to tell an important, moving and entertaining story . . . she behaves with the class and gravity and self-assurance of a stage veteran. She already seems like a giant to me, though I get the sense that she is also at the beginning stages of a journey that will make her even more of one."
- TRAVALANCH Theater Review: No Need for Seduction by Trav S.D.

"There is something about Victoria Libertore's one-woman show No Need For Seduction that strikes you. Perhaps it's Libertore's candid storytelling style . . . whatever the reason, it stays with you, and I think that is exactly the point. . . Libertore is a very capable storyteller, and the monologue format suits her well. There are times where you feel as if you are a guest at a fantastical dinner party, listening to her sweeping tale."
- GOMAG.COM Theater Review: No Need for Seduction by Dana Piccoli

"Sheer mind-bending originality . . . hypnotic." -Dfdanse

"On any given night of the week you may find her in some darkened theater commanding the stage with all the raw power of a goddess, or a queen. Sometimes she's a masochist. Sometimes she's a crone. At all times she is in absolute control."
-24/Seven Magazine

On the surface No Need for Seduction might be mistaken for a travel-log, or a sexy, romantic romp through the mind of a provocative and beautiful, if neurotic, seductress. It is all of that. But it is also deeply revelatory and cathartic in the most delightful, disturbing and subtle of ways. Theater Review: No Need for Seduction by MD ransom

"A sense of hard-won knowingness and comfort within one's body and within one's space--that's Libertore's My Journey of Decay.
And her slouch-hatted easing into Citizen Cope's Sideways--
"These feelings won't go away/They've been knockin' me sideways"--knocked me sideways."
-Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

"My Journey of Decay" brings you on a journey into the depths of human fragility and strength told through a fully embodied character that can make you laugh and cry at the same time."
-Karen Bernard, Director of New Dance Alliance

"My Journey of Decay is grotesque, sexy, heart-wrenching and hilarious. What's more, is it's extremely thoughtful and personal. Everything I expect from Victoria Libertore."
-JD Carter, Associate Director, terraNOVA Collective

"Victoria Libertore, new-vaudevillian, performed a series of sketches - involving lip-synching to Frank Sinatra and others, a Tickle Me Elmo doll . . . that ranged from show-stoppingly funny to over-the-edge dark humor . . .worth the price of admission; the sharp-eyed battle-of-the-sexes vignettes came for no extra charge."
-Miriam Seidel, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Victoria Libertore is a darkly humorous performance artist also known as Howling Vic who dons her blue-wigged Liza persona as curator and host." - The New Yorker

"A local comic vet." -Time Out New York

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