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Intuitive/Spirituality Readings/Workshops

Victoria Libertore has been giving one-on-one intuitive readings in New York City and over the phone to people around the U.S. and Europe for over 12 years. She also teaches spirituality, intuition, guide, chakra, reincarnation, Reiki and creativity workshops at venues such as The Alchemist's Kitchen, The Assemblage, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Bust Craftacular, Hastings College and Otterbein Universisty. She has been practicing Reiki since 2010 and became a Reiki master in 2017. She offers one-on-one mentoring in intuitive and spiritual development. Victoria is also a writer and performer. She lives in Brooklyn with her wife, dog and two cats and is passioante about helping others to connect to their intuiton and creativity.

When you set up a reading with Victoria, before the session and with your permission, Victoria makes contacts with your spirit guides, energy system and Higher Self, asking for messages for your highest good/highest path in this incarnation. Additionally, she includes Reiki, energy work healing related to your chakras and auric system. There is also time in the session for you to ask specific questions.

Readings may include any of the following information from your guides that is beneficial for you in the present day:

  • who your spiritual guides are
  • past life knowledge
  • relationship insights
  • career guidance
  • feng shui principles
  • messages from loved ones on Spirit Side
  • messages from your animals

    A reading can be done in person at Victoria's home in Brooklyn or over the phone. Cash, check, Venmo or Pay Pal payment is accepted.

    Intuitive * Energetic * Spiritual Reading for 90 minutes in person or by phone.
    Fee: Sliding scale $180 - $225

    Intuitive * Energetic * Spiritual Reading for 75 minutes in person or by phone.
    Fee: Sliding scale $150 - $180

    Intuitive * Energetic * Spiritual Reading for 60 minutes in person or by phone.
    Fee: Sliding scale $120 - $150

    Intuitive * Energetic * Spiritual Reading for 30 minutes by phone.
    Fee: Sliding scale $60 - $75

    Contact to set up an appointment.

    Plese see the bottom of this page for quotes from clients.


    Victoria is now offering one-on-one spiritual and intuitive mentoring. A mentor is a trusted counselor and guide. The intention of the sessions are to provide guidance in how you can expand, develop and go deeper in your intuitive and spiritual path. Each session is tailored for the individual's needs depending on where you are in the journey of intuition. Victoria will serve as a guide to you while helping you to deepen your own intuitive insight, connect to spirit side and strengthen your belief and trust in your own abilities.

    Possible topics in sessions are further developing your intuition in your day-to-day life, connecting to your guides, accessing past lives, meditation, developing a spiritual practice, chakra and auric understanding, energy work, symbolic sight. Sessions are also open for other related topics you bring up. Additionally you may choose to bring current events of your life into the session to ask your guides for spiritual knowledge and messages on how to best handle these experiences. Victoria offers insight, tools, exercises, knowledge, resources, humor, honesty and feedback as well as her personal experience in developing her intuition.

    The legnth of the session is 75 minutes. Fee $130.

    Frequency: The pace will be set to match your needs. I suggest we meet every two to three weeks initially and then once a month until you taper off.

  • New Moon Ceremony
    for Transformation
  • The Alchemist Kitchen
    21 E. 1st St.

    Friday, March 16th, 8:00 - 9:30 p.m.

    On the Pisces New Moon reinevent yourself and open yourself to its power of awakening and evolution.

    Ritualize the passage of time by planting seeds for manifestation with Victoria Libertore

    Participants will receive a complimentary Aquamarine crystal.

    Please arrive by 7:45 for check-in. There will be no admission past 8PM.

    Tickets: The Alchemist's Kitchen

  • Our soul is craving ritual, sacredness and expansion at this time on our planet as we collectively work to raise our vibration. With gratitude, we will release that which no longer servers under the waning moon, and clarify the visions we wish to manifest with the energies of the new moon. We will call in the wisdom and vibrations of Aphrodite and Neptune in a guided meditation, as we journey into the depths of the cosmos under the watrey Pisces moon to explore our oneness, our Cosmic love and to initiate a deeper, spiritual awakening.

    Reiki will be supporting us in the room, given to each person individually along with metaphysical energy work as we connect with our third eyes and throat chakras. We will talk a little astrology and what it means when the moon is void of course, as this will occur just after the new moon. And we will conclude with a little time dedicated to tapping into our creativity. Come ready to explore, connect and have some spiritual fun!


    Led by Lisa Karmen and Victoria Libertore

    Check back for dates.

    If you feel a yearning to open new dimensions within yourself, learn about your own intuitive abilities and deepen your spiritual knowledge, this six-week workshop is meant for you. Lisa Karmen and Victoria Libertore are combining their years of experience as an astrologer and an intuitive to accompany you on this path. Participants will learn about connecting with their guides, archetypal energy work, cycles of the planets and using astrology as a mirror of the self and a resource for self-knowledge. This is an interactive workshop that will be delivered in a fun and safe environment. Sessions will be tailored to the individual participants. Developing your intuitive abilities encourages positive self awareness, health on all levels, and raises one's spiritual vibration, which benefits the collective and the planet at this time of great transition. We intend for this workshop to be empowering and invite you to join us in this pioneering adventure. Please see and for more about the teachers.

    Location: TBA Midtown
    Fee: $300 - $375 sliding scale
    Workshop builds from week to week. No drop-ins.
    To sign up and for questions: or

  • Connecting with
    Your Guides Workshop
  • Check back for the next date.

    My experience is that every human being has their own set of guides on spirit side that help us navigate life. By having a better understanding of the different types of guides and how you can directly connect with them, you can flow through life with greater ease.

    In this workshop, we will:

    * Learn the different level and dimensions of guides
    * Understand how guides give us signs and directions for living on Earth
    * Practice exercises to help you connect with your own guides
    * Teach you how to find out who your specific guides are
    * Leave the workshop knowing at least one of your guides' names

  • Past Life Exploration Workshop
  • Check back for dates

    Most of us have been around a time or two before. If you feel drawn to a certain time in history, a certain place in the world or a certain way of living, chances are you have had experience with these interests beyond this lifetime. Connecting with your Higher Self and having an understanding of the journey of your soul can assist you in living life to the fullest in the present moment.

    In this workshop, we will:

    * Connect with our Higher Selves.
    * Discover guides that have been with us for the journey of our soul.
    * Retrieve past-life knowledge that is useful for us today in our present lives.


    "The reading I had with Victoria Libertore was one that I will never forget. Victoria held a safe, warm, and magical space for me to deeply relax and release. She opened up the past present and future so I could see myself clearly in a new way. She took me on a journey through my soul with loving guidance. I left the reading feeling light, balanced, and ready to take action. I am forever grateful."

    "Vic's calm and soothing voice once guided me through a reiki-like healing session- that left me in tears- but the tears were healthy and the shift in energy that I felt after working with her- was tremendous. New doors felt open- my bedroom seemed brighter, more light, more free. The work I did with her felt like an invitation to a new chapter in my life- if I so dared to listen and work with what she shared with me. I don't know how to explain the ways Vic works- how to qualify it- but she takes time with you- reading cards or talking about visions or images that she had while meditating on her subject- she is patient, thorough, wise."

    "After Victoria 's reading I made immediate changes in the way I dressed and therefore carried myself. It was an easier change than I imagined it would be, and yet so powerful. I'm no longer 'saving my good clothes' for a special occasion. Every day is a special occasion, which informs my life for the better."

    "It's like hearing the truth."

    "It was necessary encouragement to change my life in an environment that was supportive, gentle and affirming."

    "Just the thing I needed to make the shift to live and love more fully."

    "She helps to make the divine accessible."

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