"She's a smart, gifted performer, confident in voice, timing, and movement in space, an actress with the wiliness of a shaman in the underworld and the surefootedness of a goat on a thin ledge."
- Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

Victoria is currently working on her new solo THIS IS MY LAST ATTEMPT AT FAME, writing a guide for living and a screenplay which is a twist on a love story set in Bali. Please contact her for more information about any of these endeavors.

"This Is My Last Attempt At Fame" is about making art without fame, odes to animals and finding the sexy within domesticity. Storytelling, dance, music, poetry, humor, love letters, admissions, declarations and a little madcap fun make up this solo piece. Throughout it is the acknowledgement of time passing. Under it is the desire for comfort fighting to overtake creativity. At the heart of it is you. You who thought your life would look one way and it looks another. This is an offering for you.

The human dynamo and long-time friend, Ben Hauck, interviewed Victoria for his podcast, The Acting Income, about money and balance as a performer in New York City. After seeing "This Is My Last Attempt At Fame", he invited Victoria to join him in talking about what it is to seek fame, and how to find the motivation to keep putting yourself and your work out there (with or without fame). Ben is a great interviewer! Take a listen!

You can find the episode here:
The Acting Income


Performance Workshop: Create Your Own Work

Check back for dates.

Whether you are a novice who is new to crafting your own performance work or a pro that wants to refine your skills, you will be introduced to a variety of concepts to help you create work highlighting your individual voice. You will gain a foundation for creating an original performance piece using tools of physical theater, imagery, archetypal energy, intuitive listening and character development. Each participant is given a foundation to create original material and then receive feedback to further develop your performance piece. There will be group exercises as well as time for each person to explore. All types of performers are welcome: solo, collaborations, text-based and movement-based. These are also useful exercises for building a character in more traditional plays. All levels of experience are welcome. The workshop will be a safe and warm environment for you to express your creativity and walk away with performance material.

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